Current Feature Art Exhibitions for June – Tasmania Inspires Kataraina Koroheke Fine Art

Welcome aboard to Tasmania Inspires!!My name is Kataraina Koroheke, I was born in Hamilton New Zealand and raised in picturesque Tasmania. Creating beautiful artwork has been my life’s passion for the past 15 years – my instruments of choice are acrylic and oil on canvas – with these I paint worlds, largely inspired by Tasmania.Ironically, I am a visual artist who is visually impaired with a genetic condition called advanced Keratoconus. This significantly distorts the way that I see light and form – it’s kind of like trying to see underwater. Having had a cornea transplant plus visual aids, I still manage with distorted vision and sensitivity to light. Being visually impaired is challenging for me but in spite of that – it will never stop me from pursuing what I truly love doing – which is art.My art is emotionally expressive bringing life to brilliant colours and tones – presenting simple yet profound concepts about life in my own style. I strive towards creating work that I love which is challenging to do due to my insatiable taste for detail – this alongside my visual impairment makes the creative process slow and tedious often taking many months to complete a single painting, yet I would have it no other way since creating art that satisfies my soul and captivates others is worth the struggle every time.’Tasmania Inspires’ first kicked off back in 2015, during my early years of study, starting off as the name of my Facebook art page and now currently my business name on all fronts.I chose the name ‘Tasmania Inspires’ as it represents my artistic interest in Tassie’s diverse landscape and wildlife, the name also encompasses my deep affinity for nature.I am deeply focused on providing my art fans with unique and high quality artwork in the form of original paintings and canvas art prints, my ultimate joy in life is making other people feel connected and happy, especially through my artwork.Having the pleasure of growing and managing my own art business has involved – Obtaining a Diploma in visual arts, creating my own advertisement, processing orders, graphic design, website creation and management, photography, customer service and of course the paperwork etc – a lot goes into it and I absolutely love the process.Although, I have not been alone in my journey with many supportive people around me to thank. I would like to especially mention my manager and partner in love and crime – Terence Walder. I would not be the artist I am today without him – Terry has greatly supported my career developments by dedicating much of his time and effort into helping me and teaching me useful skills. Thank you Terry for being my biggest fan!It is equally important to say that I have an amazing following of people on my Facebook art page Tasmania Inspires, without my supporters – it wouldn’t be possible to live the dream of pouring out my heart and soul onto a canvas… therefore I am profoundly grateful everydaysending out good vibes and love to you all.Thank you for reading and learning about me and my art journey.


The Crowded Lounge will be exibiting a stunning collection of Embroidery works by the Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery Project – Friends in Stitches, from July 1st-31st.